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Residence La Posta
Bed and Breakfast
Vicolo Pisa 3 - 92010 Linosa

Tel: +39 3397410705 Fax: NO e-mail: lapostaresidence@gmail.com
Cellulare/Mobil: 3206010556

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1) - The island of Linosa, situated in the Channel of Sicily, makes part of the archipelago of the Pelagius that also contains Lampedusa and Lampione. Of a recent volcanic origin (it is supposed that its origin may be of the quaternary period), it is constituted by three principal relieves that delimit a central basin¸ known as fossa del cappellano.. >From the top of the mountain Volcano, that constitutes the most classical walk of Linosa, is possible, crossing the brief perimeter of its crater, to enjoy some sight of the whole coast of the island. Endowed with varied and interesting terrestrial flora and fauna, (to quote an example the capers or the delicious lentils and, as far as it concerns the fauna, the lizards filfolensis, some kinds of rare coleopters and some sea birds like the real gull and the major bertha that nest on the island), the greatest attraction of Linosa is constituted by its spectacular backdrops. Whichever description, even the most accurate, would result insufficient to make justice to this submerged nature rich of caves, ravines, inlets that entertain the typical flora and fauna of the Mediterranean and, at the same time, close relatives of the tropical environments. The residence “La Posta” can be reached by boats from Porto Empedocle (AG) all days Agenzia Siremar (Porto Empedocle) phone: 0922/ 636683. The ship leaves from Porto Empedocle at 12 p.m and arrives to Linosa at the dawn of the following morning, after about six hours of navigation. It is not possible to ship cars, except for the resident, but only motorcycles or bicycles. Who had arrived to Porto Empedocle by cars will have the possibility to leave it on one of the numerous garages situated in the proximities of the harbour whose clerks will contact the travellers directly at the departure. During the summer period it is possible to reach Linosa through hydroplanes of the company Ustica Lines that have daily crossing (from November 1 to April 30 they have two weekly runs) and permit to reach Linosa in less than three hours. Agenzia Barbaro (Porto Empedocle) 0922/ 636110 Since Linosa doesn't have an airport, it is possible to reach in airplane the neighbour island of Lampedusa and from there, continue for Linosa with the ship or the hydroplane. It is possible besides to book the crossing with private sailboats. ( Cadeddu Trapani (347/1761718) - Stella Maris Licata) You can arrive to linosa by boath from porto Empedocle: (SIREMAR SEA AGENCY Tel. N. +39-0922-972062- Via Re Umberto) during the summer it is impossible to carry your car to Linosa , but you can rent a car , bycicle or scooterin the island. ATTENTION! In the island there isn’t gas station, bank, bancomat you can’t use your credit card. Useful numbers: Guardia medica tel. 0922-972115 via V. Alfieri; Carabinieri tel. 0922-972083 via Re Umbero; Farmacia tel. 0922-972203 via V. Alfieri; Delegazione comunale 0922- 972086 via V. Alfieri; Poste e Telecomunicazioni 0922-972084 via V. Alfieri; Agenzia marittima Siremar tel. 0922-972062 via Re Umberto.

2) - The hospitality here is rich and complete. Our rooms, spacious and comfortable, endowed with conditioned air, fridge cafe, television, telephone, bath with of all comforts, represents the optimal solution for who wants to enjoy a holiday in the most absolute calm. The reception formula of the bed and breakfast includes the first breakfast with a rich buffet to be consumed in the pleasant little garden, which brings to a well furnished library of classical and contemporary texts and excursions and turns of the island on the raft of the Bad and Breakfast La Posta. Moreover it is possible to organize grills in the barbecue of the little garden with the possibility of roasting the fish fished personally or acquired directly by the island fishermen among them “Nino” (the nice and cordial fishmonger of the island), lunch on equipped boats, immersions with the support of experienced subs, fishing parties, sightseeing to the “crater"(from which it is possible to admire a oner and unrepeatable view) and in all the most suggestive places of Linosa.

3) - The Bed and breakfast Residence La Posta is located in the island of Linosa, at 161 Kms (90 sea miles) from the Sicilian coast and at 42 Kms NNE from the island of Lampedusa. It is situated in the heart of the inhabited centre, next to the only church of the island, beyond the postal office from which it has taken the name and, even thought it is perfectly inserted in the context of the suggestive cottages of Linosa, it is at only 500 meters from the sea. How to get here At a footstep from all the services offered by the land (cafe, restaurants, rentals, little shops etc), from the residence “La Posta” you can reach all the “calette” and the most suggestive places of the island easily, either afoot or renting a motorbike or a bicycle or choosing of having use of the service offered by the cordial inhabitants of the place that will accompany the tourists in a select place, agreeing with them the time for the return. Moreover, from its terrace it is possible to admire a marvellous view that spaces from the slopes of the mountain Volcano to the multicolour cottages of the country, to an ample section of coast, licked up by a spectacular blue sea, which embraces the whole territory contained between the old dock up to the Pozzolana of the West.

4) - The whole territory of the island is to yours complete disposition to relax and to enjoy the beauty of uncontaminated places, and also to taste the culinary specialties of Linosa that founds their roots upon the more typical specialties of Sicily from which the first colonizers of the island descended. In all the restaurants of Linosa it is always possible to eat fresh fish (above all “cernie” or “ricciole”) and also some traditional dishes among them it is a must to taste the soup of lentils, the couscous, the Linosa’s salad or the bianco mangiare, all based on the healthy Mediterranean diet. Finally, you can enjoy to buy small objects in the bazaars and shops of souvenir, often built handicraftly by the creative inhabitants of the island, among them the most typical cappellino (a little hat) like a cha fez, realized with cotton of varied colours that will help you to protect you from the sun of the day and from the damp of the night of Linosa.

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